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Gift Registry

Tell family & friends what you'd love to receive

Gift Registry

Tell family and friends what you’d like to receive! Set up a gift registry with Mama Shoppe.

Step 1
Enter your event date, location (if any) and a short message. You can even upload a photo!

Step 2
Add items to your gift registry by simply clicking on ‘gift registry’. You get to specify the quantity, priority and you’d also have the option of adding a short note. Don’t just add presents for the new baby. Remember to include presents for the big brother/sister as well.

Step 3
Tell others about your gift registry! All you need to do is to enter the email addresses of your family / friends. Alternatively, share your gift registry link on Facebook.


Are there items that you'd like to include in your gift registry, but are not in our webstore? Drop us an email telling us what it is that you'd like to include, and we'll see if we can add these to your gift registry.