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Are you a stay at home mom wanting to supplement the family income? Do you have limited time & energy, but still like to use what’s left of it to do something you can call your own? Do you like being able to stay home with your kids so you can be a greater part of their childhood? At the same time, you feel like it is nice to earn a little money for weekend treats or a special trip somewhere.


Have you ever come across products that you or your kids love? Do you enjoy handcrafting your own products, or coming up with home-schooling kits / activities for your young ones? Mama Shoppe is run by a mama like you. I know what it is like to have kids who love to have your attention. I know what it is like to want to quit your full time job so you have more time for the kids, but yet you struggle with calling it quits (at work) because giving up that source of income is difficult. I know what it is like to want to set up your own little biz which you can run from home, but not have enough time/energy to do something full-fledged. As such, I present to you an opportunity that will allow you to work flexible hours. You decide how many hours you like to work. You decide how much energy you like to put into running your little business. You add to the family income without having to take away too much time from the family.


Who Are We?

Mama Shoppe is an online retail store that carries a wide array of quality products for mums and babes. Our webstore has an integrated shopping cart system that allows customers to shop with ease. We offer a gift registry service which allows customers to choose gifts they’d like to receive for their baby’s 满月 celebrations or birthdays, and share the list with their loved ones and friends with ease. We accept payment by credit cards and bank transfer. Customers shop with ease from the comforts of their homes.


Why Partner Us?

1) Sell Mama Shoppe's Clothing Line

You get to sell a unique collection of hand-made clothings. Wholesale pricing and consignment arrangements can be made - depending on what suits your set up.


2) Sell Your Products Online

You get to sell your products on an e-commerce platform without the need to incur high start-up costs to create and maintain a webstore (think - savings in web design costs/time, savings in web hosting charges, savings in tearing out your hair from having to figure out what the site isn’t appearing as it should). You get to list your products with many others, offering customers the possibility of getting everything that they need / want from one merchant (think - how troublesome it is having to order different items from different merchants). You do not need to track / verify payments. Your customers have the convenience of paying via bank transfer or credit cards. You do not have to spend large amounts of money advertising and yet your products get extended reach through consolidated marking efforts. Other than Mama Shoppe’s own marketing efforts, our partners are encouraged to advertise through their own channels (facebook, twitter, word-of-mouth). So more people will get to hear about Mama Shoppe, more people will drop by Mama Shoppe, more people will shop at Mama Shoppe. ☺ You get to enjoy Partner Discounts on (non-nett price or already discounted) items sold in Mama Shoppe. So you’ll enjoy savings on products you do not carry, but still need / want for your precious little ones (think – in addition to making some money from selling your products, you save by spending less on products you usually buy from other retail stores).


How It Works?

You drop us an email telling us what product/s you’d like to sell. Also, tell us more about yourself, your family, your current employment status… tell us how you intend to help market Mama Shoppe (Facebook, Twitter, Blog – share with us your URL if you have one)… tell us anything you think will help us decide if our partnership will be mutually beneficial. Mama Shoppe assesses the possibility of our partnership and sends you an offer to partner with us, if we find you suitable. Together with the offer, you’ll find some terms of partnership and the costs that’ll be incurred by you. Depending on what product/s you have on offer, it’ll usually involve a registration fee, a listing fee and profit sharing. Basically, the fees will be minimal, and you do not need to pay more until your product sells.


Want to Get Started?

Whether you have access to popular well-established products, or you have handcrafted products to sell, we are interested to partner with you as long as your products fit well in our stores line-up. Drop us an email at and let us see how we can work together.